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Live honeybee removal process

Honeybee removal process: Schedule

Site survey

1 - 2 hours

The first process is to survey your property using an endoscope camera, a thermal imaging camera and/or a drone to locate and evaluate the potential size of the colony.

Also to assess the access requirements, removal requirements, reinstatement works and and materials required.

Access installation

1/2 - 1 day

Access required is erected before the removal is planned.

Asbestos Survey

1 - 2 hours

Asbestos survey if required if your property was built before the year 2000

Removal of building fabric

To access the colony the surrounding building materials are removed, either outside or inside the property.

1/2 - 1 day

Live honeybee colony and comb removal

1/2  - 2 days

Removal of the honeybee colony using a bee vacuum, remove all honey comb (which is protected) to avoid attracting any other bees/wasps etc. The colony is then transported to their new hive location.

Reinstatement works

1/2 - 2days

Rebuild the area that the colony has been removed from, which also includes bee proofing, chimney cowlings are fitted, void spaces are filled and/or blocked, so that another colony doesn't take up residency once we are gone.

Clean up and quality check on work completed.

The 3rd colony removed from one property.

A small colony incomparison to the other 2, but these had used the space below an old wasp nest and had built their comb off of it.

Honeybee removal process: Video
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