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HoneyBee Removal Service

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Live honey bee and comb removal of honey bee swarms and established colonies from chimneys, walls, roofs and trees without using insecticides or pesticides. 

We extract the colony of bees alive and relocate to a hive before bee proofing the structure to prevent more returning.

We offer a complete package from the removal to reinstatement works.

And I am fully insured.


I use some of the latest tech to help locate a colony either be it in a wall, chimney or ceiling etc.

Firstly I use a thermal imaging camera, that picks up the heat source of the colony.

I use an endoscope camera so that the colony can be seen from the inside.

I am a fully qualified and insured drone pilot, which is used for high level inspections to locate the bees entrance point in hard to reach places, with out the initital need of ladders or scaffodling.

The picture above shows the location of 3 honeybee colonies on the corner of one property, the picture to the right shows the coloines using the thermal imaging camera.


Removing bees and their colony is not an easy job.

Within a colony, there is a huge numbers of bees that can become problematic.

When a swarm decides to take up residency, the workers very quickly build comb and once the Queen has started laying eggs, they tend to stay put and the colony will continue to build, even to the point of removing insulation to expand the colony.

It can be very difficult to remove safely and requires skill and knowledge.

Bees can become a nuisance, they can cause structural damage over time or prevent further work from being carried out.

I ensure that live honey bees colonies are removed safely and ethically, they are then moved into a hive on one of my apiaries so that they can thrive 

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If you have a Honeybee colony that needs removing, please get in touch to discuss

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Or to find out more about the honey bee removal process

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