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Hosting  your own beehives

Time to BEE involved

Whether you would like to keep bees in your garden or you have a business that is looking at giving something back to the environment, then hosting a beehive could be the best thing for you, and all without the hard work!

Bee-spoke packages provide you or your business with a unique opportunity to have your own, fully-managed, honeybee colony or colonies on your premises.

If it is not possible to have bees onsite, we also offer the option to sponsor hives within our own apiary.

With either option, Arms Apiaries will take care of your bees throughout the year, meaning you get to enjoy your bees without getting sticky fingers – unless you would like to!

  • Bees make a wonderful addition to any garden as they play a critical role in the pollination of so many plants, especially fruit crops.

  • Higher yields and better quality produce will result from having hives in your garden.

  • Have a positive impact on the ecosystem around you and our natural environment.

  • As a business, demonstrate your ongoing commitment to CSR (corporate social responsibility).

  • Shows you are serious about sustainability.

  • Improves business perception to customers and the local community.

  • Make a positive way to contribute to biodiversity and the wider environment.

  • Multiple PR and marketing opportunities

  • The honey can be harvested for you or your organisation – which is perfect for corporate gifting.

What is included

  • Wooden BS National beehive installed on your premises.

  • A colony of honeybees with a mated queen.

  • Weekly inspection visits from me, your fiendly beekeeper.

  • Any necessary medication or feed required to keep your hive healthy.

  • Honey harvested, bottled and labelled for you.

  • Employee engagement opportunities

Get in touch to find out more and book a property inspection.

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Public liability insured


UK Asbestos awareness


UKBR Member


British Beekeeping Member

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