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Do you have a swarm in your area?

If you are lucky to have a swarm land in your area, then please call me and I come and collect them and give them a new home in one of our apiaries.

I will need to identify that they are honeybees first, as sometimes honeybees are mistaken for wasps, or solitary bees or bumblebees, please click the 'Identify your bees' button below to identify what bees they are.

A swarm of honeybees is generally not aggressive, however, there will be the odd occasion when they will be. The swarm will contain several thousand bees, all equipped with a sting which they are prepared to use if they feel threatened either as a colony or individually. If you do see a swarm, please keep children, pets and yourself at a safe distance from it just in case.

When you see a swarm of bees in the garden they will be either swirling in the air, or hanging in a beard type shape, probably in a tree or on a fence, but it can be almost anywhere, they have been seen on buildings and cars amongst other unusual and difficult to reach places.

A colony, or what’s commonly called a bee hive is when they have made it a permanent home, these are more tricky to get out and move but it is possible.

Please be aware that once a swarm gets inside a cavity, it’s impossible to retrieve them without expertly removing them - please see our 'Live Honeybee removal' page for more info.

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